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Course 2 – Lead Generation

While designing and building your prospective lead sources, you will take a deep dive into what generates the highest ROI matrix of qualified prospects for your marketing dollars. You will catch the wave while you learn various marketing methods to create oceans of motivated leads from our thirty or so prospect groups. Enjoy a paradise of both “paid” and “sweat” marketing methods for the highest gain possible. Sail away into massive profits today with this Lead Generation phase of our training.

Modules in this Course
Module Description Module Material

Module 2.1

Marketing Algorithm

Take cover in your bomb shelter for this course, because it is going to blow you away. We are going to get into the science of massive marketing success.

Module 2.2

Direct Mail Budget and Implementation

This is a course that will allow you to master my system of the profitable use of direct mail.

Module 2.3

Center Of Influence

Who do you know? Well, you know more people than you realize you know. You may say, “But I don’t want to contact them”.

Module 2.4

Cold Calling

Who loves to cold call? For those who don’t and for those who do, this course will share some little known methods for cold calling that magnify your prospect base.

Module 2.5

Cold Greeting

How do I break the ice into an introduction with the stranger standing next to me? How can you feel comfortable doing this? You can, and you will as we share our secrets with you.

Module 2.6

Free Advertising

Can you afford “Free” advertising? You can’t afford not to. The key word here is Leverage.

Module 2.7

Community Brand Engagement

The word is out, and it is shouting out loud the positive branding in various communities with your business brand and offer.

Module 2.8

Social Media

Whether you are personally a “Tweeter”, or a “Liker”, you will Love this. Business engagement in the many social media platforms has become an extension to your marketing and brand awareness.

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