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  • Michael Quarles’ entrepreneurial spirit and goal driven mindset have led him to create six businesses. He is a “Massive Investor” and expert specializing in residential real estate. At the age of 18 Michael bought his first piece of real estate and built a duplex on it. He admits that he didn’t know what the heck he was doing, but that has never stopped him. Michael takes action with unwavering confidence in his ability to achieve his goals. Don’t tell Michael that he can’t do something because he will always prove you wrong. As an accomplished real estate broker and contractor, Michael has completed thousands of real estate deals and built over 70 new construction units. He has vast experience with fix and flips, assignments, wholesale deals and many others types of transactions. Michael specializes in “WholeTailing”, a strategy that he created to maximize profit when buying houses at a discount.

  • With “WholeTailing” as the cornerstone, Michael developed a highly systematized business model to buy houses in person or virtually. The system he created placed him at the forefront of buying real estate nationwide. Today, Michael and his team at 1800Sell4Cash are buying houses all across the country.

  • To help other investors build successful marketing campaigns, Michael created, the largest marketing company for real estate investors. Later, Michael would open the Alex & Ryan Call Center to help turn marketing responses into deals. Alex captures the initial call, completes the seller questionnaire and measures seller motivation. If the prospect qualifies, an appointment is set for Ryan to negotiate a contract. The Alex & Ryan Call Center is a virtual acquisitions team and by far the best opportunity to outsource a key part of the house buying process.

  • Michael recently launched Print Centers, a high touch, high tech experience in neighborhood printing, postal, shipping and business center services. He is also currently developing Call Text Technologies, Inc., a first of its kind, fully integrated telephone, text, email and CRM platform.

  • Michael’s greatest satisfaction comes from helping others to achieve success. His life goal is. . “‘to help people create wealth and build a better life for themselves”. As an accomplished investor, entrepreneur, and student of life, Michael understands what it takes to be successful and he is uniquely qualified as a coach and mentor.

  • Through the BSFF Academy Coaching Program, Michael teaches every aspect of creating profitable deals of all types. Through extensive online resources, an accountability coach and 60+ classes each month, Michael teaches everything from the power of goals and mindset, to every detail of the successful business systems he uses today. And he holds nothing back! The same is true of The Michael Quarles Real Estate Show, his podcast with over 300 episodes to date. Michael shares his knowledge, experience and systems by answering investor’s questions, sharing live Alex & Ryan calls, and interviewing guests with unique perspectives.

  • Michael lives in Central California with his beautiful bride, four boys, a wonderful Mother-In-Law he calls mom, and a family member who is a retired Catholic priest. His life has been blessed in many ways and it is his passion to create abundance and prosperity in those who choose greatness.

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