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Alex VA Membership Program – The Call Center


The number one goal and purpose of having a Call Center answer your marketing calls is to have a Call Capturing System in place at all times and to Qualify and or Disqualify the Callers so that you can maximize your most valuable asset which is… TIME.

Secondly, it’s been now proven that delegating this task, INCREASES your chances of success for multiple reasons of which some of the major ones are:

  • Availability (you can’t always be there or ready)
  • Completion (If you hire it done, it’s more likely it will)
  • Process (scripted and duplicated)
  • Systematic (removes your emotions opinions from the process)


Program Description:

First, let’s point out that there is a “Call Back Campaign” and there is a “Follow Up Campaign

  • Call Back Campaign is when someone calls and we missed there call. Usually after hours or weekends. So, we have to call them back because we have not made contact with them yet. The schedule for this campaign is to call on:

Day-1 x 2, Day-2 x 2, Day-3 x 2, Day-5, Day-7, Day-10 and Day-15. Up to 10 calls and on each call we also Text and Email if we have a cell number and or an email.

  • Follow Up Campaign is when WE DO make contact with the caller and the caller STATES “YES”, they do have a house that they are interested in selling but Alex is not able to go through and make an appointment. Usually because the caller does not or will not answer all of the Big 5 Questions:
  1. Do you have a house for sale?
  2. What is it worth?
  3. What are the repairs/condition?
  4. What do you owe?
  5. What do you want for it (Price)?


So, if the answer is “YES” to question #1 but does not or will not answer one or any of the other 4, then no appointment is made and Alex will follow up to try and get them answered to get the appointment scheduled.

This is when and ONLY THEN will the system activate the Follow Up Campaign (using our 15-30-60-90 day follow up plan).

Needless to say, if the answer is “NO” to the question #1… No Appointment Is Made and The Caller Will NOT Be Followed Up On. (Alex will have no other contact with this type of caller).

When Alex gets answers to the questions, regardless of whether they are good, bad or even reasonable or unreasonable answers, Alex will make an appointment and will no longer have any contact with this caller.

Additionally, if the caller answers Yes, they do have a house for sale but, the house is listed… the system activates a separate Follow Up Campaign. This “Listed Follow Up Campaign” consists on a follow up call every 30 days for 6 months.


At the end of All or Any of the above campaigns, if Alex does not reach the point of:

  • Scheduling an appointment, either because we were unsuccessful at making any or further contact or…
  • We were not able to get the caller to answer the Big 5 Questions, or…
  • The Caller asks to not be contacted or…
  • States that they Do Not Have an Interest…

Then the Caller/Lead will be marked as “Dead Lead” and no other attempt to contact them will be made.



Throughout the Alex Process you will get notifications of your lead’s position.

You get notified:

  • When the call is received and we added it to the CRM System
  • When we made contact
  • When we did, or did not make the appointment
  • And when we reached the end of the Call Back or Follow Up campaigns



The Alex Call Center is that… a “call center.” Alex is there to receive and make calls from and to the caller generated by your marketing efforts.

Alex can and will only do the job of asking the scripted questions to gather the information needed for the Call Center Member/Investor to determine and use to proceed with or not with the process of presenting an offer to purchase.

Alex cannot and will not negotiate any information, numbers or terms. (I Real Estate License is required for such actions and Alex is not a Licensed Real Estate Agent)



Alex’s job is to ask the scripted questions.

  • If the Callers states, they have no house to sell… Alex has completed the task.
  • If the Caller gives the answers to the questions (regardless of whether they are good, bad or even reasonable or unreasonable answers), Alex will make an appointment and then… Alex has completed the task.
  • If the caller refuses or is unbale to answer the questions but then answers them during the follow up calls… Alex has completed the task.
  • If the caller fails to answer the calls during the follow up period… Alex has completed the task.



It Is Your Lead!

Your marketing dollar generated the call to begin with and this is your business. At any point “AFTER” Alex Has Made Contact and No Appointment Was Scheduled… you are more than welcomed to and perhaps in some cases should jump in and get involved. You have access to the caller’s information, the audio of the conversation with Alex and you more than anyone is in a position to identify a “Worthy Lead”. It’s your lead, your market and your Area of Expertise.


Thank you for the opportunity.



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