Thought 092 – Investor Types Defined

Types of Investors

Assignor – Someone who negotiates a contract to purchase real property and subsequently sells the aforementioned contract […]

Thought 091- Yellow Letters I hate them too…

They wouldn’t convince me or persuade to do anything… BUT here is the secret in the sauce.. There are […]

Thought 090 – Why Is Equity Important?

Someone wrote
Why is equity important. If the seller can adjust the selling price where the house is still attractive […]

Thought 089 – Your Action Plan

Start with a one year plan.
What do you want to accomplish? Write down your goals. Don’t be negative nor […]

Thought 088 – Community Engagement

Community Engagement

As we set up our business to be successful, I think it is important to also understand the […]

Thought 087 – Free Marketing

You are going to hear me talk about two types of marketing, a lot. I am going to talk […]

Thought 086 – I Jumped the GUN!?

Last year  I set a 2015 goal to buy a Bentley and dang it I did it… Guys and […]

Thought 085 – 200 Here I Come Again!

I wanna know how many houses your guys and gals are setting as the number to achieve in 2015. […]