Feeling Sorry, Get Over It!

//Feeling Sorry, Get Over It!

Feeling Sorry, Get Over It!

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? Felt that you didn’t have the physical or mental ability to carry out the task you’re faced with either at the moment or in the future?

Have you ever thought I AM NOT READY? Maybe you want to become wealthy, super wealthy as an entrepreneur. Maybe you just want more then you have at the moment and are stuck in the proverbial rut. Have you asked yourself why? Why are you in the rut?

Why dont you do more today than you did yesterday and why dont you plan to do more tomorrow than today? WHY? Yesterday the world lost a person who had a whole lot less physically ability than we do. He had struggles unfamiliar to us and hopefully struggles we will never experience. However he didn’t give up, he didn’t feel sorry for himself, and he didn’t blame his lack of normality.

What he taught me, besides the ability to respect thought, was that a mind cannot be nor should not be disguised by ones physical ability. WE are the only limitation to our success(es). What are your plans for you future. Are you going to be the same ole you tomorrow and tomorrows tomorrow times infinite or are you going to grab your life and require change? Change is frigging hard. It is very difficult to create a pattern of difference. Its very easy to be indifferent. Your choice. Stephen Hawking, RIP.

Thank you Michael Quarles.

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