Episode Summary

Michael Quarles interviews Damion Lupo, who has started and owned more than 30 different Companies. Damion is a 5 time Author, and sought after financial consultant for Investors and Business Owners. Damion lives by his personal philosophy which centers on Self Responsibility, and the path to freedom is through growth, and a big vision. His big vision is what drove him to found Total Control Financial in 2016.

Covered in This Episode

  • 01:47 – Damion gives us his background being in the Real Estate world.
  • 03:51 – How Damion made his first million dollars and several after that.
  • 04:21 – Damion tells his 07/08 downfall story.
  • 05:49 – What was the most important thing you learned on the trip down the mountain (your downfall)?
  • 07:57 – Tell me about the length of harvesting that you like?
  • 10:08 – What was your experience being a landlord?
  • 10:54 – What are some fun things you like to do?
  • 12:40 – How do you connect your hobbies with Real Estate?
  • 14:15 – Tell us about your family life!
  • 15:14 – Tell me about the Mission that you’re on?
  • 17:32 – Can you tell us about self directed IRA’s?
  • 22:18 – What is EQRP and how to get started?
  • 22:52 – How to get my FREE book
  • 22:23 – Using the EQRP for flipping houses or holding houses.
  • 26:07 – Is avoiding taxes illegal?
  • 26:57 – Who are the influences in your life?
  • 28:52 – Where can people find you?


Links Mentioned

Total Control Financial
Damion Lupo Twitter
Damion Lupo YouTube
Damion Lupo LinkedIn
Damion Lupo Facebook
Damion Lupo Instagram

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