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Marketing is the Key to Your SUCCESS!

I had lunch at a restaurant my son mentioned to me a couple weeks ago. It is around the corner from my office.

The restaurant has been at the location for THREE years yet I never knew it was there and I pass by their location almost daily for three years.

The day I visited it was around 12:30 and oddly I was the only customer in the restaurant during lunch hour. I thought that me being the only one there was really unusual. The food was great, the atmosphere was okay and the price-point was very competitive.

However the owner committed the carnal sin that no business owner should ever do. He forgot to tell his prospect what he sold. I actually asked him if he was intentionally not advertising and his expression of hearing my question was priceless.

Folks as entrepreneurs there is a simple rule which applies to every business and every one of us. YOU must tell your prospects what you do and tell them over and over again. Not a single prospect is going to accidentally buy our product without us telling them to.

This very simple red and yellow Breakfast and Lunch sign, which I had made and had planted in the ground for him, FREE of charge, has increased the owners revenue tremendously. Now the only negative I have to deal with is waiting in line to order my food…

Have a great day, Michael Quarles

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