Podcast 320 – My First Deal!

Michael goes over how to be prepared, and what he did to prepare himself for success, and more…

  • 331 Real Road built in 1981. I was 19 years old, the first thing i did was install curb and gutter.
  • what is curb and gutter – 6 inch curb, 18 gutter, curb is set at an angle, with approach monolithic
  • had this huge tree to remove
  • call the county of Kern to have property surveyed – 2×2 stakes with pins, height and alignment
  • form boards – 2x6es with a scab, 2x12s
  • steaks – 30 inch stakes, 12-18 inch kickers
  • inspections – compaction and thickness
  • pour concrete
  • 5 sack gutter mix – special mix for curb and gutters
  • felt for expansion and at approaches
  • tools – square shovels, wood float, magnesium float, edger hand and walking edger, finish trowel, jointer, sprayer for sealer, rake and rod, tamper
  • morning of pour – at least 45 minutes before concrete truck, water down dirt, set tools out
  • hand signals – cross the neck – cut off, squeeze the fingers a little bit more, large circle motions…let’s go!

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About the Author:

Michael Quarles is an accomplished real estate broker, contractor and expert specializing in residential real estate. Michael bought his first property before age 20 and has contracted thousands of deals since then. As an active and current investor understands what it takes to be successful in today’s market. Michael is well known for YellowLetters.com, the largest marketing company for real estate investors, 1800Sell4Cash, BSFF Academy, where he teaches real estate investing, and the creator of Wholetailing. Effectively turning the industry into a hands off virtual and systemized business. Michael was at the forefront of buying real estate nationwide on a large scale. A popular podcast personality, Michael has been on or hosted over 250 podcasts. He lives in Central California with his beautiful bride, four boys, a wonderful MIL he calls mom, and a family member who is a retired Catholic priest. His life has been blessed from the love of dirt and it is his passion to create abundance and prosperity in those who desire greatness.

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