Podcast 324 – The Power of Negotiation

June 22, 2017 / Comments (0)

Michael goes over how to properly negotiate with sellers and so much more…

  1. If I have a property under contract, and I don’t have a lot of cash and can’t sell it within 60 dayswhat would you suggest? Walk away/ terminate the contract, get hard money, fix it carry it retail?
  2. What are some ways to handle objections when working through the 2-part seller script if theseller wonders how or why are we negotiating price without even knowing the address?
  3. When using the two part seller script and the potential seller says the property is worth $200K,but you can see on Zillow that its worth only $180K do you start the 85% negotiation from$200K or $180K.
  4. Do you offer to show pictures of an investment property were trying to sell? Even though it is inbad condition? Do we clean the house before potential buyers view the house? Or do we hire acleaning service or do we do it ourselves?
  5. What is the hands down best way to practice negotiation?

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