Podcast 325 – Is It Smarter to Market Absentee or Occupied Owners?

June 27, 2017 / Comments (0)

Michael Quarles Podcast 325 - Is It Smarter to Market Absentee or Occupied Owners

Michael goes over whether or not you should be marketing to absentee or occupied owners, and more…

  • What are the benefits to using a call center?
  • Can I use data sets as a substitute for a CMA or BPO?
  • What is the point of sending my marketing piece to absentee owners?  I feel as if it would make more sense to mail to owner occupied properties, because its guaranteed that that actual owner will be on site for an appointment/ walk through.
  • What would you do in this situation…. Absentee owner, wants to sell local house, we have negotiated 65% of what I believe to be as is, however the owner refuses to allow inspections before close. I feel like he is hiding something.
  • Michael, what time of year do you buy the most houses?   I’m wondering if summer is more difficult the winter?

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