Podcast 379 – How To Know When Someone Is Not Motivated

October 11, 2018 / Comments (0)

Podcast 380 - How To Handle All Your Incoming Calls

Today’s Podcast Covers

In this podcast Michael answers five questions submitted by his students, and more!


  1. If there is an area I am interested in buying but it is a highly competitive market, should I avoid it or dive in
  2. If people say they are going to call back and they don’t, and they repeatedly miss your calls, should we just decide they aren’t motivated enough?
  3. When you look at a property, how do you determine if a house fits the rehab model or the wholetail model? It seems to me that all properties would fit the wholetail model.
  4. Would there be, or has there been, a situation where you would NOT want to negotiate Subject To or Seller Financing?
  5. I’ve gotten two calls this week from people who already have the house listed with an agent. What do I tell them?

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