Michael goes over the 20 things you should be doing daily and weekly for your Real Estate Business!

  • 1. Set goals – 6 areas
  • 2. Say your affirmations about yourself
  • 3. Create your to-do list
  • 4. Pick your center of influence contacts to call
  • 5. Prospects – cold call
  • 6. Call your future vendors, 2 agents, 2 lenders, 2 contractors
  • 7. Schedule to visit homes in your market
  • 8. six packs
  • 9. Return calls on schedule on purpose
  • 10. If existing business – follow up confirming progress
  • 11. Visit courthouse for unlawful detainers
  • 12. Zillow for FSBO/FRBO
  • 13. Schedule your time and drive your market
  • 14. Always be on time to appointment
  • 15. Six pack appointment
  • 16. Role play your call script and presentations
  • 17. Review past calls
  • 18. Visit ribbon cutting in your city
  • 19. Walk the streets and hang door hangers
  • 20. Determine how you’re going to make today better

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