The Only CRM System You Need To Succeed & It's Included With The Gold Coaching Program!

Real Estate Investing CRM designed specifically for real estate professionals:

It will provide the tools, paperwork, and management system for you to invest and make deals like a pro, every step of the way. It's also a one-stop-shop for all the real estate data and profile information used to make intelligent investment decisions.

It does everything from launching marketing campaigns to purchasing properties to managing escrows to tracking expenses to selling properties.

This REI Software is based on the unique and successful Real Estate Investing techniques. If Success is what you demand, then look no further!

So What Does This Free CRM System Do? Everything!

  •  Month Calendar – Stay on top of things with the monthly quick-glance calendar showing an overview of your tasks, meetings, marketing plans, and important events.
  • Day Calendar – Daily calendar with a detailed view of your tasks, meetings, important escrow/closing events, and more. You can even print your marketing letters directly from this screen.
  • Marketing Suite – With our integrated point-and-click marketing module (which is mail-merge capable), designing, launching, and tracking marketing campaigns have never been this easy.
  • Property Profiles – Import your own property details on any recorded property in the United States, including: sale and loan history, comparable sales, data needed for valuation, and detailed property characteristics.
  • Lead Handling – Track your incoming leads, their contact information, and the properties they are interested in buying or selling.
  • Escrow Tracking – Our integrated escrow tracking module de-mystifies the seemingly complex escrow/closing process, and it makes staying on top of one or many escrows a snap.
  • Rental Manager – Manage your rental properties, renters, rent payments, notices, documentation, and refunds.
  • Rehab and Remodel Tracking – Track your repair and remodeling contractors, appointments, and costs.

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