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(Items with an *** are included with the Gold Coaching Program)

Alex Call Center $197.00/month

One of the biggest hurdles new and seasoned investors must overcome is the ability to answer the telephone. Gain access to our call center. The same system and trained operators who answer our calls.

Here is what you will get:

  • A Dedicated Forwarding Number
  • Trained Callers Answering Your Calls
  • Access to Phone Call Recordings
  • Done For You Appointment Setups
  • Freedom From Unmotivated Sellers
  • Email Notifications for Every Lead and Appointment

Adwords Set-Up $750.00

Take the guesswork out of setting up your own PPC campaigns.

We have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars perfecting our Adwords campaigns in order to reach the best results for buying homes online.

Take the risk out of creating your own adwords account by placing your online marketing in the right hands.

Here is what you will get:

  • Web Form Conversion Tracking
  • Complete Adwords Campaign Set-Up
  • Geo-Targeting to Your Location
  • Completed Keyword Research
  • Reduced Cost Per Click
  • Real Estate Investing Dedicated PPC
  • No Guess Work Involved
  • Higher Ranked Ad Positions
  • Highly Optimized Adwords

Real Estate Websites $297.00

Don't spend the time and money trying to create the best website for your Real Estate Investing Business.

We have already done that for you! We will set up a ready to go Real Estate Investing Website for you with all of your business information.

No need to spend time finding the right developer, or even spending the hours trying to learn how to create a website!

Here is what you will get:

  • Ready to go Website
  • Integrated Contact Forms
  • Optimized for Real Estate Investing
  • Trusted Website Hosting
  • Choice of Template
  • Form Submitted Email Notifications!

Alex - Ryan Scripts $497.00 ***

Take the guesswork out of talking to potential sellers whether you are buying locally or virtually.

Learn exactly what to say and how to respond when on the phone.

Learn how to properly negotiate with a seller when going over prices and offers.

These scripts are guaranteed to help you succeed as a Real Estate Investor. Learn

Here is what is included:

  • 14 Page Alex Script
  • 18 Page Ryan Script
  • Text Follow-Up Messages
  • Alex Call Back Scripts
  • Ryan Call Back Scripts
  • Voicemail Messages

Alex Emails $1197.00

Have you ever wondered what to say in an email to motivate a prospect to call you back? Look no more! We have carefully written 29 emails that do just that.

They are both long and short formats which are written in a way to describe to your prospect what you do and why you should be their first choice.

Presentation Folders $25.00

You have heard the expression regarding the first impression. We have too, which is why we created our easy to use presentation folder to begin speaking to the prospect before you knock on their door.

There will be no doubt that you are there to BUY THEIR HOUSE.

At 25.00 for a pack of 25 folder including shipping these are a must order.

Presentation Cue Cards $25.00

Learn what to say the easy way.

We have developed an easy to communicate seller presentation and put it to cue cards for ease of remembering.

The series is almost 80 cue cards and is packed full of embedded command, objection handlers, what to say and why, and so much more!

REI Forms Package $197.00 ***

Forms, Forms and more Forms.

Within the Forms Package you will find Michael's 9 page contract, his marketing algorithm, and nearly 60 forms he uses in his investment company.

Red I Buy Houses Shirt $52.00

Look professional when visiting sellers by wearing our red polo shirt, They come Sm, Med, Lrg, XL, and XXL

Mens and womens.