They wouldn’t convince me or persuade to do anything… BUT here is the secret in the sauce.. There are NOT suppose to…

We don’t buy from ourselves.

To be a successful investor most must be organized, driven and in a great way educated.

We buy from people who have a problem, people who are motivated and people who in general have procrastinated their situation to the extent that our solution is the only one viable choice for them.

The yellow letter serves the introduction between both parties very well. However when used correctly it does more than solve today’s problem for the seller. Remember that 40% of business is follow-up therefore having the number to a qualifying prospect also affords us the ability to communicate with more of our prospect pool via a secondary means.

Something a postcard doesn’t allow for at the same pace. Now if you don’t have a great follow-up system them it doesn’t offer the added benefit.

Now the the flaw investors make is when they try to weigh a postcard against a  yellowletter. That is a cardinal sin.

You should look at marketing the same way you look at the contents of a fruit salad.

In a fruit salad if the only ingredient in the bowl were apple slices one would have a hard time calling it a fruit salad and only those who liked apples would enjoy the presentation. Throw in some orange slices, a few strawberries and kiwi and you have a better representation of a fruit salad.  Toss in some walnuts, maybe a few banana slices, some grapes and boysenberries and now you’re talking a salad. Add some pineapple and I am very happy to dive into that treat of goodies.

But if left with a choice of either a bowl of apple slices or a bowl of orange slice neither are that appealing. And that bowl of fruit will soon turn brown and soggy most left unconsumed.

My point is that when you market you should market using the same philosophy as the recipe of a fruit salad.  Give your prospect the ability to make their own choice as to which fruit to spoon out of the bowl.

Cluster Marketing works…. Try it..


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