What Is The Ultimate Coaching Program?

The foundation of the program is based on a “Done for You” platform and up until the Due Diligence Period (verification of property condition and value), it’s nearly a Hands Off - Turn Key House Buying business arrangement.

As an Ultimate Program member you’ll receive a complete Done for You Marketing and Buying system.

Done for You Lead Generation - Full Hands Off Marketing Campaigns - Solid Performance

Done for You Lead Capturing - The full power and implementation of our Alex-Ryan (Inbound Call Center) coordination

Done for You Lead Fulfillment - Entirely process each lead through Qualification, Follow Up, Negotiations, Contracting and Closing

- The goal of our Ultimate Program is to close/purchase 1 to 2 residential property deals per month with an average targeted profit of $30,000 per purchase using our proven real estate investing model.
- Our focus will be targeting owners known to have enough equity which will allow them to accept our Reduced Price Offer in exchange for the list of Seller Benefits we offer to reduce or eliminate the Seller’s Sales Costs, in addition to a Hassle Free Process and Expediency.
- The Ultimate Program Member (YOU) will own the property and your profits will come from the resell of your purchases and or you may choose to keep the property for an undetermined time if your business model is to keep for long term gains.

The Program Includes

When your Ultimate Systems Setup is complete you will instantly have the full list of Done for You services in place and ready to be implemented, including:

Lead List Qualification, Selection and Managed

Personalized DIRECT MAIL Lead Generation Implementation and Management. Game Changer

Dedicated PHONE Lead Capturing System. Complete Organized and Scripted for Maximum Results

Alex-Ryan System (Live Incoming Call Center) - Alex Lead Capture Operators, Lead Flow Follow-up.

Ryan Contract Presentation, Negotiation, Delivery and Possible Renegotiation

Escrow/Closing Opened, Title Search Completed, Inspections and Closing Management

TC-Transaction Coordinator Escrow Closing management

Angel Negotiation For Subject 2, Seller Financing, Options and Combination of All

The Ultimate Program is designed to have our Alex-Ryan Incoming Call Center along with our Purchase Manager (Ryan) construct, negotiate and present favorable offers with the best possible terms. History has also proven that only by having a structured Follow Up system can you truly take full advantage of all the marketing efforts. Up to 40% of deals are created after the initial offer and born in the Follow Up stage of the process.

The Purchase Manager will also Re-Negotiate the terms when the Verification of Condition and Value does not come in as expected and will either modify the agreement or terminate it.

Many Ultimate Program Members but not all may also be open to or interested in having our Purchase Manager present to the property sellers “Term Offers” if at all possible. This provides a maximum use of the Ultimate Program Member’s investment funds and may increase their purchase power.

What are the Ultimate Members responsibilities in the Ultimate Program?

We will find the deal, make the offers and put the signed accepted contract right on your lap but, we need you as the local “eyes and feet on the street.” You, the Ultimate Program Member will need to get involved and will be responsible to assist in the Due Diligence Process which consists of Verification of Value and Condition.

It’s all about the Lead Generation, Lead Capturing and Lead Fulfillment and with your Ultimate Program Membership you are guaranteeing yourself that you will successfully implement the process by outsourcing through an All Done for You Program.

Now Imagine How Savvy and Successful Real Estate Investor You Will Become from our Ultimate Program!

After witnessing your entire investing operation setup, and possessing the undeniable believe that if you implement… it will work!

After the direct insight and exposure of how Alex, Ryan and TC construct and present dozens or hundreds of offers for you!

After listening in and seeing firsthand the negotiation process with numerous Sellers via your program files of every recorded audio call and each document used in putting together your deals!

After all the personal breakthroughs and growth, you will experience along the way!

The deals we do together during your 6-month Ultimate membership is just a start. If you want to do more after that, it would be awesome.

At the end of our Ultimate Program Minimum 6-month Term Commitment it may still make complete business sense to continue working together. We will evaluate at that time and we may agree to extend if it still makes sense to do so.

Ready to start on your business venture and join our Ultimate Membership Program?

We do have a limited openings available each month.

Here is what you need to do next… put down a 100% refundable deposit for your first month of Ultimate Program Membership. We will then schedule a private Interview Call right away to answer your questions and confirm that this is a good match for both you and us.

After our appointment we’ll get you any additional information you may need, or a few extra days to decide, if needed. But if all goes well and you are accepted, we’ll move you forward as a new Ultimate Program Member and immediately schedule our Support Staff to get your Systems and Programs up and running.

On the other hand, if on your acceptance Interview Call you decide it’s not for you, we’ll refund your deposit within 48 hours. There’s no risk whatsoever.

Why you should reserve your spot right now…

The Ultimate Coaching Program involves much planning and staffing to fully support each member so we must limit and monitor the participation as needed.

Our Members are getting exclusive territories on a First Come – First Serve bases. Sign up now to help insure that you can reserve your designated and exclusive territory, a farming area you choose, typically right where you live.

The Ultimate Program is Available Now but… we may stop or limit the number of new members at any time and or may reduce benefits later as we are probably giving away too much.

To submit your Refundable Deposit and get on the schedule for an acceptance Interview click the button at the bottom of the page.

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