Your Journey

September 28, 2018 / Comments (0)

What is important in life depends more on the character of the individual than it does on the item of importance.

As we manage our life, fighting, struggling, manifesting our successes and accomplishing our goals we must ponder our reason. Our personal “why”. What drives us to require? Do we even know?

Great songs have been written about tranquility and silence, love and being in love. Can you handle silence? Or do you need a pace so fast, so furious, so mounted with lists of future accomplishments in order to feel adequate?

When was the last time that you unplugged, completely unplugged? Turned off the phone, the TV the noise of your life and sat in a place of solitude. Maybe never! Maybe too long ago.

Don’t let the price of accomplishment be your life. Don’t arrive and look back, regretting the journey. Certainly don’t arrive lonely or alone.

As you build your character remember that a man is not defined by his car, his house or his wallet. He is defined by the people who would give theirs to him when in need.

May your journey be fulfilling.

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