A Little about Michael Quarles – Entrepreneur

I started as an Entrepreneur when I was an adult teenager, buying an R2 lot and constructing a duplex. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing; all I knew was that I wanted to. I had an “S” on my chest mentality, which helped push me through the many unknown battles of real estate.

Since that day, I have been involved with hundreds and hundreds of real estate deals. In 1991 I obtained my general building contractors license, building over 70 single family home and multifamily units from the ground up. In 2006 I was proud to obtain my broker’s license.

After doing hundreds of deals on purpose and thru systemization, several people asked me how I did as many deals as I did. My answer then remains the same as it is now: it was a matter of marketing, understanding negotiation and respecting systems.

Subsequently, I began helping new and seasoned investors jumpstart their marketing and their careers through a variety of the family businesses that I am proud of today, including:
  • YellowLetters.com, the leader in direct mail and marketing materials for real estate investors nationwide.
  • SellCash HomeBuyers, in which I buy properties throughout the United States through an on purpose system for attracting sellers and buyers.
  • Call Text Technologies, Inc., the first of its kind telephone, text, email and CRM platform for all business types.
  • Print Centers, my brick and mortar print shops dedicated to the needs of businesses and consumers alike.
  • The Michael Quarles Real Estate Show, with over 400 podcasts and 10’s of thousands of followers, this is the one venture which I love the most. It allows me the ability to fulfill a life goal of helping people create wealth and build a better life for themselves.

During my career as an entrepreneur I have come to realize that the difference between success and failure is our belief and understanding of the words Help, Want, Wish and Need and how those four words keep us from finding success.

I Require Success, do You?