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Weekly Q & A Calls – Ask questions and get answers

Weekly Deal Making Calls – Bring your deals and we will show you how to put them together

Weekly Topic Calls – Every week we will discuss important investing strategies that you need to know

Over 60 Videos to watch to learn real estate investing and forms, forms and more forms

Live Real Estate Chat Room for all of our Students to interact and share investing success

Learn Marketing Strategies to Gain the Unfair Advantage in your market

My Program is Geared towards Implementing an on Purpose System that will Take You to Your Goal

Unless you’re already wealthy and have more money than you have ever imagined, you better stop doing what you’re currently doing. What you have done in the past HAS NOT WORKED! Stop doing it and start using my system to create wealth through real estate!
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You can be successful in real estate, I know.

I Don’t Preach, I Create Real Estate Investors

Have you taken courses, purchased CDs, or even gone to boot camps?

If this describes you then let me forewarn you that you are in for an awakening like none before. My system does not preach to you about investing:

It Creates Real Estate Investors!

Gives You the Systems to Create Unheard of Wealth!

It WILL Teach You Investing!

Here's What Other Have To Say:


Preston Hamilton

Investor, Oregon (Coaching Program Review)

Working with Michael has been a breath of fresh air. His no-nonsense style and experience as both an investor and running a direct mail marketing company gives him a leg up on just about any in the industry in my opinion. Over the years he has developed a finely tuned system as well as a mindset that is adaptable to any market, by anyone. That is solely driven towards success. It’s not a bunch of glitz and flash. Just hard work and a dedication to an understanding of how to position yourself for success. From getting the phone to ring, qualifying the lead, knocking on the door and closing the deal. He genuinely seems to enjoy the time he spends with his students. Promptly returning phone calls and emails, as well as checking in to make sure the concepts are being grasped. Michael’s tutelage has more than paid for itself already, and I’m excited to continue to push my boundaries going forward as I seek to dominate my market.



Investor, New York (Coaching Program Review)

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my real estate career was to take Michael Quarles’ Real Estate Investor Coaching program. I had been investing for ten years already but wanted to take things to the next level and earn more money. Michael’s coaching program has proved to be an extremely wise and profitable decision. Since I took the program, I have done over ten deals which have provided me with great profits. On one deal that he helped me with, I made over $100,000 profit. And on another I made over $40,000. The Real Estate knowledge Michael has taught me is second to none. More importantly though, he has taught me the importance of marketing to find motivated sellers. He is the best in the business at marketing. I strongly recommend Michael Quarles’ coaching program to other folks.

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