Podcast 376 – Interview With Mike LaFido

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Podcast 376 - Interview With Mike LaFido

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In this podcast Michael talks with Mike LaFido about how he dominates his in his field of business , and more!

About Mike LaFido

Mike LaFido is an agent of the Chicagoland area, and has been in business for 17 years and has approximately 5 people on his team. Mike is also the founder of the Marketing Luxury Group and the certification known as the Luxury Listing Specialist, as well as the author of the books Marketing Luxury and Luxury Listing Specialist. He is a top-producing realtor and real estate consultant with over seventeen years of experience in the real estate industry. Michael’ marketing has been the featured cover story in Crain’s Chicago Business and highlighted at Noon on FOX News Chicago Business Hour. Throughout his career, Michael learned the importance of high-caliber marketing versus “traditional marketing”, which has become pivotal to his success. Over the past seventeen years, LaFido and his team have developed a method that takes a more comprehensive, and proactive approach when marketing a home.

Michael has created the nationally recognized luxury certification for real estate agents which is known as Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE). This new certification establishes an in-depth and detailed set of standards for agents that represent luxury homes and is currently offered for 12 hours of Continuing Education (CE) for real estate agents in Texas. The trainings are based on the same principles Michael outlines in his book, “Marketing Luxury” that he teaches to agents across the world. Many agents within the industry are calling Michael’s methods “The New Standard” for marketing luxury homes today.

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