The Ultimate "One on One" Coaching Program?

- The goal of our Ultimate Program is to close/purchase residential property deals with an average targeted profit of $30,000 per purchase using our proven real estate investing model.
- Our focus will be targeting owners known to have enough equity which will allow them to accept our Reduced Price Offer in exchange for the list of Seller Benefits we offer to reduce or eliminate the Seller’s Sales Costs, in addition to a Hassle Free Process and Expediency.
- The Ultimate Program Member (YOU) will own the property and your profits will come from the resell of your purchases and or you may choose to keep the property for an undetermined time if your business model is to keep for long term gains.

Lead List Qualification, Selection and Managed

Personalized DIRECT MAIL Lead Generation Implementation and Management. Game Changer

Dedicated PHONE Lead Capturing System. Complete Organized and Scripted for Maximum Results

You will learn Transaction Management and Closing Skills.

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The Ultimate Program has been Closed except for Invitation Only Prospects. Call (661) 493-8856 to set an Appointment to Qualify.