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Your Journey

September 28, 2018 What is important in life depends more on the character of the individual than it does on the item of importance. As we manage our life, fighting, struggling, manifesting our successes and...

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Driving Your Comps

September 15, 2018 What you see on paper when compiling comparable sales information is only part of the story. In order to really understand the figures, you should see the houses you are comparing to your...

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What Money Looks Like!

September 5, 2018 They say that a picture paint a thousand words so I thought pictures of a house would make a really good visual blog post about what money looks like and what items to recognize when...

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Community Engagement

August 31, 2018 Community Engagement As we set up our business to be successful, I think it is important to also understand the value that businesses place in our culture and in our localities. What we can...

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The Piggy Bank is Empty!

August 24, 2018 You’ve seen the headlines. Start a career in real estate investment with NO MONEY! Is it possible… YES! There are 5 ways to buy houses without cash. Seller Financing Subject To...

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Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

Yellow Letters

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  • Financial and Career

    • Your Worth
    • Make Yourself Valuable
    • Always Improve
    • Positive Mind
  • Home and Family

    • Love More
    • Live Your Dream
    • Listen With Purpose
    • Long Lasting Hugs
  • Spiritual and Ethical

    • Create a Better You
    • Speak Less Listen More
    • Enjoy Silence
    • BecomeTheir Rock!
  • Education and Mental

    • Knowledge is Power
    • You Can Achieve
    • Require Your Success
    • Release Doubt
  • Social and Cultural

    • Explore Life
    • Help People Improve
    • Answer From Where To Where
    • Achieve Friendships
  • Physical and Health

    • Be a Better You
    • Longer Happier Freer
    • Strength Is Limitless
    • Create Better Habits