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Terrific interview with one of the most influential persons in our industry.


A subject that is not covered enough, I’ll tell you. Negotiation is the skill I lack the most. It was so helpful to listen to Michael Quarles discuss NLP, Pacing, Embedded Commands. Applause to you Michael Quarles for sharing and being so candid with us!


Excellent. I am in sales at my day job and what you teach can be applied there just as much in my real estate investment business.


Great job, this was one of the best shows I have ever listened to. I would like to tell you guys keep up the good work. I am learning so much and I really appreciate the insight I was given in this show and the show. Wonderful insight to Negotiations


Great Show Guys! Thanks Michael for Your Service to this wonderful world of Real Estate Investment


Awesome awesome show! I wish this can be 4-hour session letting you talk because I can find good tips in every topic you touched.


Great show and thanks for all the valuable information you gave me and your other listeners!! I was thoroughly impressed with how you were able to break down is such detail the various marketing strategies and when/how to use each effectively when finding your target market!!


Podcasts with you are going to be Top 10 of all times. I’m impressed with such abnormal and mind bending thinking and the depth of knowledge, systematization and focus. You should qualify to have a doctor degree in things you are doing. Can you adopt me?


Thank you for being so generous with your time! Your information is outstanding and supplies priceless information for our community. The interviews with you fill pages of notes! I will be in touch soon to get your assistance in creating a dynamic marketing plan for my investment business.


Great episode for sure! I love Michael’s approach the business, very aggressive. He did renew my faith in the process, and I’m going to start again in my area. Thanks again Michael!


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